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  1. BH says:

    Panama Photographs
    April 21, 2010

    Kevin, I really like the sheets being hung out to dry by the beach. Soft colours and excellent composition. I don’t know how you get that colour tonality, but is is very good for the picture.


    PS: Oh My! I wrote that too so soon! Before seeing the other photographs. Amazing work Kev. You have captured many spirits here in these photographs.

    You have a knack of getting into the essence of the photograph. To me. you know what you want to capture and you you have the “photographic eye” to succeed.

    I sense a great deal of respect for your subjects as well. They are all honest photographs, not someone trying to show off or make fun of the people of Panama.

    Many of these photos are of “art show” quality and reflect the “condition of man” The guys at the garage could easily be the fellows at the local repair shop. A good photographer is able to do that. Make the connection, the bond between the photograph and the viewer.

    Last year there was a showing of a “somewhat notable artist” in Truro. She and Mrs. Gunn from Salmon River School, went on a trip to South America somewhere and a collection of photographs. Well, to be honest, I made no connection to the photographs at all. It was disappointing. Yours are not.

    You have an “eye” and an ability to see people, animals and objects that others are not able to do. You have a gift. Use it well Kevin.

    Now, there are some lost souls out there who might say that I am slightly biased, but let them. They are the naysayers of the world, those lacking in a sense of life and joy. Just forget they. They do not count. They never did and never will.

    We will chat later.

    Say “hi” to everyone for me please.


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