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Sun Peaks Winter 2012

Koloa Landing Hawaii

Oliver and Lilly’s

Oliver and Lilly’s from Kevin Hagell on Vimeo.

Kelly Ann Panama

kellyann panama from Kevin Hagell on Vimeo.

Joyce and Tim Wedding

Joyce and Tim Whistler 2010 from Kevin Hagell on Vimeo.

Zink Magazine BTS Chris Haylett

Zink Magazine Behind the Scenes Chris Haylett Photoshoot from Kevin Hagell on Vimeo.

Cheeper Show for Scion

The Cheaper Show No. 9 for Scion Canada from Kevin Hagell on Vimeo.

Chris Haylett “Lost Boys” Photoshoot

Chris Haylett Photoshoot “Lost Boys” from Kevin Hagell on Vimeo.

Kelly Ann Hobo

Kelly Ann Hobo kid from Kevin Hagell on Vimeo.

Revelstoke Mountain Resort promo Video

Shot during opening opening week of RMR December 2007

Demo Reel 2008

A complation of footage from 2008 shoots.

Sun Peaks V6

Basketball stock shoot edit

Quick compilation of shots from a stock footage shoot for Darryl Leniuk Photography www.darrylleniuk.com/

Vancouver Convention Centre opening night

Blast Radius client showcase

Promo video for Blast Radius showcasing 3 of their clients/protects. From 2005.

Joel – Prmoise is a Promise

Music video for Vancouver’s best musician performer Joel Tong.

999 seymor DEB

The “Elements” DEB for the 999 seymour development.

Fairmont Estates 30 sec. spot

Ad that ran/runs in all of fairmont hotel rooms to promote the Fairmont Estates development in Vancouver.

Sun Peaks Park Jan ’09

The Outback

Promo video for a development on the Okanagan lake called “The Outback”



Demo Reel 2009

demo 2009 from Kaizen Visuals on Vimeo.

Baby Pekoe

Resort Photos